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About My New Collection for Spring

A few of the pieces are my attempt to replicate a form I've found appealing, but more often I take subtle elements that I find inspiring, and blend them with my own interpretation of a pot that will be beautiful and functional.  While my background is in making reproductions of early American pottery, I've always taken inspiration from folk pottery traditions around the world.  Some of my earliest inspirations are from the work of Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada.  Leach and Hamada, along with Japanese philosopher Soetsu Yanagi introduced millions to the concept of "mingei" which means "hand-crafted art of ordinary people".  Through their work, they opened many people's eyes to simple beauty of utilitarian pottery that was made by unknown craftsmen, practicing their trade without the pretension that they were making art. 

Very few folk potteries exist today in the same way they existed in the 19th century and before.   But in the 21st century, we have the luxury of looking back at the artisanry of the past to pick and choose what elements we find inspiring.  The challenge is to incorporate those elements into something that is expressive,  true and honest for the maker, that can also be beautiful, functional and enjoyable to live with.  

My hope is to open your eyes to the simple beauty of handmade pottery that incorporates elements of folk traditions and honors the work of artisans who have gone before.

Shown at the right is one of my pots inspired by traditional garden pottery from Crete.  Hopefully, you'll find something here that will inspire you!

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