Frequently Asked Questions

My pottery has changed since I planted it, what's going on?

Any terra cotta pot that is porous will change somewhat over time depending on what is planted in it, where is located, and what the hardness of your water may be.

Sometimes yellowing occurs in Guy Wolff pots after watering from the activation of naturally occurring sulfur compounds found in the clay. The clay we use has a fairly high sulfur content, most of which burns out in the firing process, but depending on the batch of clay from the mine, most all of our pots will have some sulfur content. Our experience is that the yellow will fade out after watering a few times, usually over the course of the first month of use, and then, where the yellowing occurred, is likely to be the first area to have moss or lichens grow (given the right conditions, of course).

Interestingly enough, there is some evidence that naturally occurring sulfur in the pot may help root development in the plants. The Guide to Plant Nutrients describes sulfur as follows:

'Sulfur - Essential to soil bacteria, plant proteins, root and seed development. Essential to soil bacteria. Essential part of plant proteins, vitamins and oils. Deficiency symptoms: Similar to Nitrogen. New leaves entirely yellow. Sulfur lowers pH in soil.'