Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Guy Wolff Guild of Horticultural Craftsmen?

Guy Wolff has been making pots by himself in his own little studio outside Litchfield, CT for more than 30 years.


When the demand for his traditional garden pots became more than he could possibly fill,he looked for ways to train other traditional potters to make his historically inspired garden pottery.

Some people are surpised to see a 'Made in Honduras' label on the bottom of the Guy Wolff pots with Antiqued Finishes.  Guy and Peter went to Honduras in 1999 to train a workshop of traditional potters on the garden pottery forms that Guy has helped preserve.  The shop is built around a 'Fair Trade' model, where workers are paid well and have good working conditions.  The workshop is associated with both Aid to Artisans and Potters for Peace, which work in solidarity with artisans in developing countries to help improve the quality of their lives through better marketing and solutions to technical problems.

Since 1999, the Guy Wolff Guild has grown to include potters in Portugal, Mexico, China and Vietnam. In each location, Guy has personally worked with the potters to train them on his techniques, and to make sure that the workshop can make Guy Wolff pots up to the standards required.  Guy looks to the strengths of the workshop, and the traditions of the culture to see what materials, techniques and shapes would best suit the capabilities of the artisans before deciding what pots to make there.