Frequently Asked Questions

Are the glazed pots waterproof?

Although some of our pots are glazed on the inside bottom and in the 'well' of the saucer, they are not waterproof. Waterproofing can only be achieved when the clay is fired high enough to be vitreous, (non-porous, e.g., porcelain fixtures).

No matter how high the quality of a glaze, it will not render the pot waterproof unless the clay has been fired high enough to be non-porous, approximately 2400 degrees F (we fire to approximately 2000 degrees F). However, though the glazed pottery cannot be considered waterproof, it will certainly hold water longer than an unglazed flower pot and saucer, though there may still be some seepage or condensation, equivalent to a glass of cold water left on a table in hot weather. Therefore, if glazed pots are to be used on wooden surfaces or carpet, or something that one doesn't want damp, a waterproof barrier such as cork or a rubber matt should be placed underneath