5. Wakefield Handmade, Antiqued, Made in Honduras

 - Anduze Manchette


New for 2015 is my Wakefield Handmade line in an Antiqued Terra Cotta finish.  My freinds in Honduras are masters at faux finishes that give terra cotta an aged feel, without looking like it's trying to be something it's not.  This finish is a warm combination of warm ivory tones, highlighted with moss green, and just enough terra cotta clay showing through to let you see its authenticity. 

Anduze Manchette  - Anduze Manchette

The Anduze form is one of the most recognizable from the French pottery tradition. The form is said to have originated in the 17th century, with inspiration taken from elegant Medici urns, and blended with the more austere forms of the Cevennes region. Traditionally, Anduze pots were designed to hold orange or lemon trees in the estate gardens in southern France.

For my version of the Anduze, I added ornamentation to the rim, which might have also been found on 19th century flowerpots from Wisconsin. (The term "manchette", a French term for a cuff or sleeve, refers to the ruffled rim, which adds elegant ornamentation).

    Description Price Quantity  
Anduze Manchette, Antiqued Terra Cotta Finish, 11.75" top diameter x 14.75" tall $145.00

Anduze Pots  - Anduze Pots

Inspired by the classic urns of the Anduze region in the south of France, the Wakefield Anduze pots feature a simple rim, and ornamented pedestal.

The taller profile of the Anduze pot makes it perfect for amaryllis, narcissus or other bulbs with long tap roots.

    Description Price Quantity  
Anduze Pot, Large, 9.5" top diameter x 11" tall, Set of 2, $51.75 each pot. $103.50

Assorted Herb Pots  - Assorted Herb Pots

A nice assortment of small pots, perfect for growing herbs on your kitchen windowsill. Each is approximately 3.75" top diameter x 3.5" tall.

Each pot is a different style.

    Description Price Quantity  
Assorted Herb Pots, set of 6, approximately 3.75" top diameter x 3.5" tall. $72.00

Bedford Bowl with Roped Rim  - Bedford Bowl with Roped Rim

This is a generously sized bowl, 15'' in diameter, which is perfect for multiple plantings of pansies, violas and grasses.

In addition to roping below the rim, the base has a simple dentil motif, which uplifts it visually to highlight your planting.

    Description Price Quantity  
Bedford Bowl with Roped Rim, 15" top diameter x 6.25" tall. $87.75

Durham Pot, Large  - Durham Pot, Large

Inspired by the architecture of Durham Cathedral, these pots have a beautiful arched profile and are ornamented with beading under the rim and above the base.

Antiqued Terra Cotta Finish.

    Description Price Quantity  
Durham Pot, Large, 10.25" top diameter X 10.25" tall, Set of 2, $54.00 each pot. $108.00

Wrenthorpe Pancheon  - Wrenthorpe Pancheon

Low profile bowl, perfect for grasses, succulents or multiple plantings.

    Description Price Quantity  
Wrenthorpe Pancheon, 11" top diameter x 4.75" tall, Set of 2, $36.00 each pot. $72.00