3. Terra Cotta Moss Finish, Available Now

 - English Pancheon

Sorry, my spring production is nearly sold out. I apologize for the slim pickin's here, but my summer show and Honduras travel kept me from making pots at home all summer.  But, I've got a new round of production underway for Fall/Holiday! 

 Using a special technique I've devoped over the years, a wash of minerals is applied to each pot before firing to give it a naturally aged patina that highlights the recessed areas of coggles and incised lines.  After applying the mineral wash, each piece is fired to approximately 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, assuring that the pot will be very durable over many seasons. 

Shown at the right is a Provencal Urn I made as part of the Guy Wolff Collection in 2003.  It is shown here after many years adorning the porch of a lovely home in Mill Valley, California. 


English Pancheon  - English Pancheon

Pancheons are traditional flared earthenware pans used in rural England for everything from skimming cream to letting bread dough rise.

I've always loved this shape, and it adapts well into a pot that will showcase a multiple planting of colorful summer annuals, or for a succulent collection.

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#12 English Pancheon -- Approximately 8" tall X 14" wide

Only 1 left!


Split Rim Scallops

 - Split Rim Scallops<p>

The Scalloped rim with roping is an original Wakefield design, but was inspired by the garden pottery of England and France, and years of working closely with Guy Wolff.

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#4 Scallop Terra Cotta Moss 7'' x 8''